Newcity’s Top 5 of Everything 2013: Design

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Top 5 Workplace Design Terms Explained
Collaboration: being in an office
Benching: having to share a desk with, like, fifty other people
Ideation: talking
Huddle: uncomfortable, stand-up meeting
Phone booth: miniaturized conference room
—F. Philip Barash

Top 5 Reassuring Signs in Middlebrow Menswear
Final disappearance of the elfin-toed dress shoe, accompanied by the ascendancy of the wingtip
Opening of Vineyard Vines on Michigan Avenue
Liberation of Lands’ End from Sears
Dudes unabashedly shopping for their own clothes
The triumphant return of the button fly
—F. Philip Barash

Top 5 Indicators that Design is Scaling Down
Microcondo / microapartment craze
Fiat 500
iPad Mini and iPad Air replacing the back-breaking bulk of the old-school iPad
Disproportionate popularity of the diminutive Jawbone UP
—F. Philip Barash

Top 5 Indicators that Design is Scaling Up
Big Data craze
Fiat 500L
Freedom Tower spire
Massive scale of the America’s Cup-winning boat, matched by the scale of America’s indifference
The fact that literally everything anyone ever does can now be called “design”
—F. Philip Barash

Top 5 Ways to Get a Design Job in Chicago
Attend an AIGA event
Attend a free lecture at Chicago Portfolio School
Join a co-working space
Get a degree
Design something
—Emerson Dameron

Top 5 Fashion Trends That Should Just Stop, Now
Ombre hair (You just look too poor to dye your own hair.)
Fabrics and patterns described as “native,” “ethnic,” or “tribal” (Culturally insensitive, ignorant, inexcusable. Always.)
High-waisted leather shorts (Who wants a wedgie?)
Overalls (To complete the look, bring along your babysitter)
Lucite heels (There are some things that you just can’t bring back.)
—Naomi Huffman

Top 5 Chicago Fashion Blogs of2013
Drawn and Coutured (
If You Seek Style (
Latterstyle (
Style Latino (
Chitown Fashionista (
—Isa Giallorenzo

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