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Design Top 5: November 2023

The Chicago Architectural Biennial kicks into full gear on November 1. Plus there’s still time to check out a few design-centric exhibitions before they close.

Space for Storytelling: A Proposal for An Unrealized Film Set (CAB 2023)

The work of Design With Company has always aimed to intertwine storytelling with the design and perception of physical spaces. Although we had not ventured into movie-set design, we believed that architectural spaces serve as stages for human activity and platforms for projected meaning.

The Embodied Politic: Solange, RoboCop and the City Hall Ideal (CAB 2023)

CAB 5 and the Floating Museum ask us to “challenge and envision alternatives…: how we understand and address the needs of a city, who plays a role in imagining and making the city, and how our potential solutions attend to the overlapping crises that now inform our everyday lives.” How are we to take design, and architecture, seriously as rehearsal processes for our future?

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